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About Me

When I set out to write this personal page, my mind was initially only thinking about my work & business. In short order, I realized that was folly; we are all, of course, so much more than just what we do.

To that extent and most importantly: I'm a shorts-wearing South Florida native, self-proclaimed techie, avid gardener and guitarist, with a soft spot for fantasy novels, cooking, and running. I'm also quite partial to my exceptionally kind and caring wife, though you didn't hear it from me.

When I was young I became obsessed with learning as much as possible, and never really stopped. I'm enthralled by a seemingly endless number of subjects, and love exploring the place where different concepts intersect.

My Work

I founded Sapphire Partners in 2017 with the goal of building a company focused on pushing the commercial real estate landscape forward, both with new technologies and new energy. Much of the industry has (and still is) dominated by the largest institutions, and it is increasingly difficult for individuals or small groups to participate. Sapphire exists both as a consultancy and investment firm, so we can both assist others in competing on the CRE stage, as well as set the pace ourselves for those like us.

For centuries, real estate has notoriously been tech-averse, preferring to do business with handshakes and back-of-the-envelope math. One of Sapphire's primary goals is to flip this trend, as we help build the tools and data to shape the real estate of tomorrow.



Game Development


My Hobbies

I've always characterized myself as someone who has simply too many hobbies. While I maintain this is still probably true, I now believe at the very least it lends itself to an interesting life (and a more-filled-out personal website).

A fully comprehensive "My Hobbies" section would be unnecessarily long, so I've included the bigger ones that have stuck around the longest. I, of course, reserve the right to change/add/update this list at any time as my whims demand.